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Moonstruck Management

Moonstruck Management


Moonstruck Management is a modern music management company that focuses on the country and bluegrass music business. Moonstruck incorporates artist development, management, growth, and booking into one controlled business. This consolidation creates a seamless model for an artist or group to have all critical aspects of their careers to be developed and controlled under one roof. This consolidation minimizes the chance of mistakes and loss of opportunity caused by communication failures. Understanding the direction and vision of each genre is the key component to growth in an ever-changing music industry.

Moonstruck is the creation of a entrepreneur Josh Trivett. Their business beliefs and practices are to understand the need and void of the industry, while using creative and strategic planning to penetrate and fill that void with their artists. A secondary and key focus is to foresee the projected paths of each respected industry and ensure their artists are on the cutting edge of promotion, branding and visibility. Trivett comes from a outside the industry background of 13 years of professional golf, both as a Tour player, National Spokesperson and Sr. VP of Tour Operations at two different successful golf club companies. After his departure from the golf industry, Josh stepped into the music business by managing the famed bluegrass legend Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. That was the platform that began the launch of Moonstruck Management.

As the world and times change, it is vital for an artist or group to have management that is monitoring and evaluating the key elements needed to ensure their artists are on the cutting edge of their industry and genre. The “outside the box” mentality and vision, exploring the most creative ways to maximize a group or artists own brand that is not common practice of an respected industry is what Moonstruck offers to each of their artists while not compromising on the traditions and foundations that have built each individual genre.


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